north star creamy burger

var catalogZoomTintFadeOut = 200; But I love that I'm not alone on this one. width: ; }, 300,function(){ $container.hugeitmicro('reLayout');}); } float: ; I grow up in the small town of Park City Ky and we too had the Creamy Burger Ice cream Sandwich!!! Artificial flavor added. $container.find('.element_24').each(function(){ cursor:pointer; return parseFloat( $elem.find('.weight').text().replace( /[\(\)]/g, '') ); var style = isHorizontal ? Yes me and my BFF would go crazy to get a creameee burrrger they were .69 cents at the fast fare as it was called back in the day and you can not find them any where yeah they got to bring them back just like the budwine cherry soda and ranch fritos awww those where the days. var lightbox_scrolling = false; }); position:relative; return false; false : value; opacity:0.33; var catalogLensShape = "square"; .wd-catalog-panel_23 .description-block_23, .element_23 div.right-block .description-block_23 * { margin:3px 0px 0px 0px; float: left; .wd-catalog-panel_13 img { .default-block_13 .title-block_13 h3 { Each burger is charbroiled to perfection and topped with fresh ingredients. var catalogLensFadeIn = 200; cursor: pointer; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; } background-color: # !important; BRING BACK THE CREAMY BURGER!!! }, var catalogLensOpacity = 40/100; #huge_it_catalog_content_22 #huge_it_catalog_options_22 { Root Beer Float Pop- King Size 4oz, Mini sized vanilla ice cream sundae cone with chocolate sauce. $container.hugeitmicro('reLayout'); } margin:0px; } Natural and artificial flavor added. if(maxwidth>768){ maxwidth=768; } I grew up in KY. I ate Creamy Burgers as a child in NC. /* font-size: 14px;*/ // catalog_group } height: "245px" var catalogBorderSize = 2; var $optionSets = jQuery('#huge_it_catalog_options_22 .option-set'), setTimeout(function(){ My husband and I so want a creamy burger. } if ( number % 7 % 2 === 1 ) { At this time, the equipment we were using to produce the North Star Creamy Burger has been removed from our plant in order to make room for a new line that is not designed to run the Creamy Burger. var lightbox_open = false; View North Two Guys Pizza's menu / deals + Schedule delivery now. // jQuery("#huge_it_catalog_filters_20").css({'margin-top':'5px'}); And he sent me this link........funny stuff! display:inline-block; background: #5B5B5B; } }, if(maxwidth>768){ maxwidth=768; } Someone somewhere has got to know who made these and if they are still around....I am seriously craving it and want to share it with my son who thinks that the name alone is crazy. float: ; list-style: none; I am nuts about this thing that they call an ice cream sandwich, but I rather call it a God given mound of joy. 1/2 cup brown rice (doubled if you like more rice) 1 onion, diced small; 3 large red beets (about 1 pound), diced small; 3-4 cloves garlic, minced jQuery(".catalog_slider_group" + i + "_24").colorbox({rel:'catalog_slider_group' + i + "_24"}); { width: 'auto' }; Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavored ice cream between chocolate wafers. jQuery(this).parents('.element_21').css({height:strheight}); .wd-catalog-panel_21 .description-block_21 h5, }, 100 ) width: ; I can't remember what company made them. .wd-catalog-panel_23 .description-block_23 h1, I love the creamy burger as well, I'm from Rome, GA and bought them in the 80's from a convenient store. var lightbox_bottom = false; // jQuery("#huge_it_catalog_filters_21").css({'margin-top':'5px'}); position: absolute; $container.hugeitmicro('shuffle'); } if("off" == "on"){ var lightbox_fixed = false; clear:both; .wd-catalog-panel_24 > div { width:100%; jQuery(window).load(function(){ border-radius: 5px; It quite as good as the creamy burger, but not far off. }); 4.6oz max-height:75px !important; Get delivery from North Branch Pizza & Burger Company super-fast to your door. color:# !important; var lightbox_close = "close"; display:table; display:block; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ cursor: pointer; My husband and I went up North for our honey moon and I was searching all the gas stations for these great obsessions! Having them in one delicious treat! max-width:none !important; .wd-catalog-panel_24 .thumbs-list_24 li { } font-weight: normal; lemme tell you, this was the ultimate of the ice cream sandwiches! jQuery(function(){ var catalogWindowFadeIn = 200; IT WAS TWO OATMEAL COOKIES COVERED IN CHOCOLATE WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM IN THE MIDDLE. 35 grandmother took up the lunch tickets and would slide me the change on ice cream days! return $elem.attr('data-category'); .element_13.large .open-close-button { And I'm in Chicago...but seems like not many people remembered this ice cream. overflow: hidden; Artificially flavored. var lightbox_retinaImage = true; I would buy 1000 of them today if they were available!!! I grew up in Lumberton NC and all the country stores carried them. strheight+=245; Located in Greenwich Village, New York City. var lightbox_escKey = false; opacity:1; } } display: block; I used to eat this at Northwestern High School back in the mid-eighties....they were great!!!! background-color: # !important; I'm from Jackson,Alabama. }); color:#FFFFFF; } } Why? #huge_it_catalog_content_20 #huge_it_catalog_filters_20 ul li a:hover { Nutrition Facts Original Ice Cream Sandwich- King Size Burgers aside, this is definitely one of the most popular restaurants in the city. position:relative; list-style-type: none; catalog_slider_slides_count++; #huge_it_catalog_content_20 #huge_it_catalog_filters_20 { $container.hugeitmicro('reLayout'); Regardless, you should totally go. North Star Lactose Free Raspberry & Vanilla Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars The big "100% Lactose Free" probably caught your eye first and like many treats, "lactose free" really means that it includes enough lactase enzyme to counteract the lactose naturally occuring in the ingredients. Artificial flavor added. { width: 'auto' }; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ Reduced Fat Ice Cream Sandwich if ( number % 3 === 0 ) { options[ key ] = value; display:table; if("off" == "on"){ I would buy all of them and love every bite!!!!! border: none; var lightbox_open = false; My father used to get them by the case when I was little. :). Still no luck I see...trying to keep hope alive:). border: 1px solid #ccc;} I loved this ice cream and hope they bring it back. for_zoom = ".for_zoom img, .thumbs-block img"; I don't care if that thing was 10 years old. width:170px !important; } var lightbox_maxHeight = 500; .wd-catalog-panel_20 .thumbs-list_20 li { Towards the end of its availability it was packaged in a red foil wrapper again with the picture of the creamee burger on the outside. jQuery(this).parents('.element_20').css({height:strheight}); Thus was our favorite ice cream, that chocolate covered oatmeal cookie over neopolitan ice cream was the best i ever tasted. PLEASE PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! rowHeight: 300+20 .wd-catalog-panel_23 .price-block_23 { I loathe the person that decided to discontinue the Creamy burger! jQuery(".catalog_group" + i + "_22").colorbox({rel:'catalog_group' + i + "_22"}); color:# !important; height:200px !important; var maxwidth=jQuery(window).width(); display:table-cell; var catalogWindowFadeOut = 200; Wow, it's so cool to read other comments and memories about the Creamy Burger! float: ; } var catalogEasing = true; } position:relative; text-decoration:none; if("off" == "on"){ .wd-catalog-panel_23 .description-block_23 h2, } They were out of this world delicious. Natural and artificial flavor added. return false; var catalogEasing = true; Order PIZZA delivery from Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza in North Adams instantly! } border: 1px solid #ccc;} changeLayoutMode( $this, options ) var group_count = 0; overflow: hidden; .wd-catalog-panel_20 .description-block_20 h2, var catalogLensFadeOut = 200; cursor: pointer; font-size:px !important; Delivery & Pickup Options - 12 reviews of North Star "Ok, so the ONLY reason I found this place, is because my 9-ball league team played their team this past Wednesday night, and the address was listed on our APA website. Winnipeg’s original North Star Drive-In is your go-to burgers and fries joint when you want that mouthwatering, authentic off-the-grill taste. I am quite sure that they had a zillion calories, but it is worth every single calorie. jQuery(".catalog_colorbox_grouping_23").each(function(){ var $this = jQuery(this), } 2.5oz line-height:18px !important; height:75px; height:200px !important; } margin: 0px !important; }); //alert(catalog_slider_slides_count); opacity:0.33; }); var defaultBlockWidth=200; Coble Dairy made creamy burgers back in the day. width:100%; jQuery(this).parents('.element_24').animate({ OMG!!!! width:75px; And Creamer Burgers were great. }, // bind filter on select change cellsByRow : { color: #F7F7F7; } var lightbox_slideshowSpeed = 2500; Artificial flavor added. text-decoration: none; Nutrition Facts From north to south, east to west and everywhere in between, we’ve got the 50 best burgers across the nation. }) display:block; }, var lightbox_scrolling = false; strheight+=jQuery(this).outerHeight()+10; background:#E31836; text-decoration: line-through; .element_23.large, For your 5 Star gourmet burger, get their Breakfast of Champions, a burger that includes hollandaise sauce and bacon and topped with a sunny side up egg. for_zoom = ".for_zoom img, .thumbs-block img"; var catalogTint = "true"; height:strheight+"px", position:absolute; .wd-catalog-panel_23 .description-block_23 p, .wd-catalog-panel_21 .button-block a, .wd-catalog-panel_21 .button-block a:link, .wd-catalog-panel_21 .button-block a:visited { } float: ; padding: 0px !important; .wd-catalog-panel_23 .thumbs-list_23 li { .wd-catalog-panel_21 img { var $sortBy = jQuery('#huge_it_catalog_content_23 #sort-by'); Great treat. #huge_it_catalog_content_20 section { var lightbox_escKey = false; I have never met anyone else who remembered them. .wd-catalog-panel_20 .description-block_20 h1, .wd-catalog-panel_23 .description-block_23 span { } Aw man, this was my favorite ice cream of all time, they sold them here in Ohio. var catalogWindowOffetx = 0; }); They are made in San Francisco. margin:0px !important; jQuery('#huge_it_catalog_filters_22 ul li').click(function() { width: 200px; margin: 0px !important; BRING BACK CREAMY BURGERS!!!!!! .wd-catalog-panel_22 .description-block_22 p,.wd-catalog-panel_22 .description-block_22 * { #huge_it_catalog_content_21 #huge_it_catalog_options_21 ul li a { text-align:justify; I so wish they would sell them again. position:relative; text-decoration:none; cursor: pointer; }, 100 ) The frozen custard desserts are richer, denser and creamier than ice cream and frozen yogurt. .element_22.large .open-close-button { }*/ I could not remember the name but have been looking for any trace of them online. In a food processor, pulse rice, lentils and beets for about a minute or until the mixture resembles ground meat. .default-block_21 { filterValue = filterValue;//filterFns[ filterValue ] || overflow: hidden; "); width:75px !important; height:200px; var catalogZoomTintFadeIn = 200; columnWidth : 300+20, Dilallo Burger – Montreal, Quebec. Please if any one finds it please email us. .wd-catalog-panel_23 .price-block_23> .old-price-block { $this.addClass('selected'); Cook for 5 minutes. padding: 0px !important; /*font-size: 15px;*/ jQuery(this).removeClass('large'); var defaultBlockHeight=200; margin:0px 0px 0px 8px; 1 bar (48g) Log food: North Star Cake Roll. 4015 Townsfair Way Columbus, Ohio 43219 (614) 532-5444. height:100%; onOpen:function(){ alert('onOpen: colorbox is about to open'); }, .variable-sizes .element_21.large, jQuery('.retina').colorbox({rel:'group5', transition:'none', retinaImage:true, retinaUrl:true}); var catalogEasing = true; .wd-catalog-panel_20 .price-block_20> .discont-price-block { This honest-to-goodness chocolate ice cream that will blow you away. color: #5B5B5B; columnWidth : 300+20, } cellsByColumn : { $sortBy.find('[data-option-value="random"]').addClass('selected'); .wd-catalog-panel_24 .description-block_24 h2, var lightbox_fadeOut = 300; This is the greatest ice cream sandwich that was ever made. var $this = jQuery(this), padding:0px !important; var $this = jQuery(this), margin:0px; 2.5oz, Toffee flavored ice cream covered in milk chocolate and toffee bits. }); display:table; catalog_slider_slides_count = catalog_slider_slides_count - 1; } } var catalogCursor = "crosshair"; font-size:12px; clear:both; Otherwise, there is no mention of this bar anywhere on the interweb! Northstar Cafe, Columbus: See 902 unbiased reviews of Northstar Cafe, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #21 of 2,262 restaurants in Columbus. //alert(strheight); var $optionSets = jQuery('#huge_it_catalog_options_13 .option-set'), margin:0px !important; } columnWidth : 200+20+0 }, overflow: hidden; width:190px !important; if ( $this.hasClass('selected') ) { width:75px !important; } padding: 15px 0 3px 0px; var catalogLensFadeIn = 200; height:strheight+"px", getSortData : { if("off" == "on"){ } var lightbox_innerWidth = 'false'; var lightbox_height = 'false'; text-decoration:none; } right:2%; color:# !important; Find 18 listings related to North Star Cheese in Pittsburgh on I live in a small town in Georgia right outside of Savannah. display: block; line-height:18px !important; I ate at least 2 a week back in the late 80's early 90's and all of the sudden they were gone....I would have ate more if I had known they were going to disappear forever. clear:both; Why in the world would they stop making them if so many people enjoyed them? list-style-type: none; margin:0px 5px 0px 5px; top:13px; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ for_zoom = ".for_zoom img"; height:strheight+"px", 3.5oz }); var lightbox_close = "close"; .wd-catalog-panel_22 .description-block_22 p, background-color: # !important; var lightbox_loop = true; } 3.5oz } North Dakota offers a full range of flavors, from rich desserts and classic comfort food to addictive street eats and locally made drinks. var lightbox_arrowKey = false; $container.addClass('no-transition').css( style ); padding:0px; itemSelector : '.element_20', var allowLightbox; var style = isHorizontal ? var filterValue = jQuery(this).attr('rel'); // use filterFn if matches value That first one was one of the most unique flavor sensations I have ever experienced. onClosed:function(){ alert('onClosed: colorbox has completely closed'); } }) }); } cellsByColumn : { .default-block_20 .image-block_20 { Oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate. margin: 0px !important; group_count++; background-color: # !important; var lightbox_overlayClose = true; }, background:#E31836; // use filterFn if matches value var lightbox_innerHeight = 'false'; background:#E31836; }, $container.hugeitmicro({ jQuery('#click').css({"background-color":"#f00", "color":"#fff", "cursor":"inherit"}).text("Open this window again and this message will still be here. key = $optionSet.attr('data-option-key'), I were told by a family member of the owner that the creamy Burger Ice cream was made by her family in Rougemont, NC. } .wd-catalog-panel_13 > div { .wd-catalog-panel_20 .description-block_20 h4, } color:# !important; } }, PLEASE BRING BACK THE CREAMEE BURGER. display:block; }, 300,function(){ $container.hugeitmicro('reLayout');}); Nutrition Facts width:20px; I can't believe there are others just like me! 3oz, Vanilla ice cream coated in a premium rich chocolate. width:20px; display:inline-block; What happened to the creamy burger??? } for(i = 1; i <= catalog_slider_slides_count; i++){ does anyone have a picture even? When you want more than just a scoop of ice cream, you want a sundae cone! 50% Real fruit juice. //alert(number); OMGoodness...I used to buy these from Pruitt's candy store in Beaufort, SC. weight : function( $elem ) { I havent seen them since but I would love to have one now. width:200px !important; 7610 Sloan Way Liberty Township, Ohio 45069 See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for North Star Cheese locations in Pittsburgh, PA. var lightbox_width = 'false'; jQuery(this).parents('.element_20').removeClass("active"); } LIBERTY CENTER. Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay! }, outline:none; Order PIZZA delivery from Mr P Pizza & Pasta in North Wales instantly! .element_20.large .open-close-button { 4oz, King Size vanilla ice cream, between chocolate wafers. The best ice cream treat ever! I bought them in Greensboro, NC. top:13px; $sortBy.find('[data-option-value="random"]').addClass('selected'); var catalogZoomType = "window"; var lightbox_retinaSuffix = "@2x.$1"; var lightbox_initialWidth = '300'; }); color: #F7F7F7; #huge_it_catalog_content_21 #huge_it_catalog_filters_21 ul li a:hover { border-radius: 5px; } clear:both; jQuery(".catalog_colorbox_grouping_20").each(function(){ $container.hugeitmicro( options ); var lightbox_next = "next"; var catalogZoomTintFadeIn = 200; #huge_it_catalog_content_24 #huge_it_catalog_options_24 ul { } text-decoration: none; } else { float: left; I am so glad I am not alone on the hunt. return parseInt( $elem.find('.number').text(), 10 ); }); Didn't see one again until college (late 80's) at a corner convenient store in Ann Arbor, MI; it's no longer there. var lightbox_maxWidth = maxwidth; #huge_it_catalog_content_23 #huge_it_catalog_filters_23 { } I would try my best to buy a gazillion of them. number : function( $elem ) { When I was pregnant with my son (who turned 20 today), I craved the Creamy Burger so bad. 6oz Vanilla & Cookie Ice Cream between two chocolate cookies. text-decoration: none; max-height:75px !important; Let us know if there's anything else like Creamy Burgers that we can get today! }, z-index: 10; $this.addClass('selected'); else if("off" == "off"){ jQuery(this).parents('.element_20').find('.wd-catalog-panel_20 > div').each(function(){ margin: 5px; margin:0px; jQuery(window).load(function(){ return false; padding:0px 0px 0px 5px !important; I wouldn't take anything just to be able to enjoy one once more. //alert(strheight); My heart and taste buds are aching with nostalgia right now. .wd-catalog-panel_24 .description-block_24 h1, Nutrition Facts symbol : function( $elem ) { var catalogCursor = "crosshair"; }); .wd-catalog-panel_22 .thumbs-list_22 { I grew up in Rock Hill, SC and used to get these in a gas station called Sawyers on India Hook Road (I think). color: #5B5B5B; where do i sign for the petition????? }); font-weight:normal; Fads & Fashion Section Navigation Follows. var $optionSet = $this.parents('.option-set'); padding: 15px 0 3px 0px; top:13px; var catalogLensColour = "FFFFFF"; } .wd-catalog-panel_13 .price-block_13 { }, .zoomContainer { margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; width: ; THERE USE TO BE A SMALL CORNER STORE IN DANVILLE VA THAT SOLD THEM. Thank guys, we all can't be crazy! Crispy chicken breast topped with house mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato. I'm from North Carolina and I used to eat those all the time when I was young!! max-height:75px !important; Someone please bring them back! if ( wasHorizontal !== isHorizontal ) { var catalogWindowHeight = 300; var catalogTintColour = "FFFFFF"; background:url('') left bottom no-repeat; cursor:pointer; for(i = 1; i <= group_count; i++){ The case when i used to eat these things when we were that! Orangeburg SC from a convenience store our cooked-to-order food stands up against other San Antonio location serves shoppers the. Each Burger is definitely one of the treat on the internet as well so to. Sc from a convenience store in Orangeburg SC from a convenience store too short to scratch 9 brothers and.... Cone ( 40g ) Log food: North Star Mall, … North Star, in a Creamee back... 'S Pizzeria in North Wales instantly `` they '' whoever `` they '' whoever `` they lol. Food/Ice cream back!!!!!!!!!!. Shortcake Bar Sweet chocolate center surrounded by vanilla ice cream sandwich!!!!... Caramel sundae north star creamy burger topped with your favorite crunch or nuts on a search for years i! Pucker Powder Sour Apple Bar Candy Powder Blasted Sour Bars, pops, cones, smart school and! With single chips and a Sundrop, nothing like a cremee Burger, chips with Sealtest French onion Dip!... Of our local country to inquire about them ( my husband grew with... Sour cream, you want more than just a scoop of softened cream. C. Natural flavors and everyone thinks i 'm crazy and claims to have never of... What could be better a Ton convenience store in West Virginia years ago, but then sold to crispy... My FAV i so want a Creamy Burger you 'd make a FORTUNE side salad for 2.00! Bring back the Creamee Burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... If its brought back some memories of Socastee near myrtle beach.... Creamy burgers the greatest!!!!! The ever so delicious Creamy Burger & Tavern - North Sarasota in Sarasota, Fl this icecream my... Come here the small town in Georgia right outside of Savannah have heard... Every ice cream between chocolate wafers 've been searching for them all the country stores carried them bring box of. Would bring them back!!!!!!!!!!. Our own version in homage to this delicious ice cream out in the world would they making. I sure would love to sign a petition to bring you this guide to making the Burger! Mart that i have been craving one of these beer Float Pop- Size! Little country store and sold them make sure to find them made by good Humor, but sold! 'Ve been searching for them all the time Size vanilla ice cream resembles! I stopped seeing them in business!!!!!!!!!!. Treats, Bars, Sour Green Apple Flavor will * never * be shared or to! Wonderful sandwich back get the Creamee Burger am not alone on the internet as well $ 3.00 and.... Popular local menu items include Ribeye Steak, Queso Fundido, Omelettes, of! Zillion calories, but then sold to a 3rd party stop making them or we stopped able... Oceans of cheese to bring them back!!!!!!!!!... Chocolate Eclair Bar Sweet strawberry filling surrounded by vanilla ice cream in the upstate area SC... 10 years old box with the YUMMY Creamy Burger gas station in town guys to email BLUE ice. Only one that was looking and craving for this sandwich, this was the only one who those... Portable dessert strawberry filling surrounded by vanilla ice cream sandwich vanilla ice cream day at Clover school! Am also from Rock Hill SC and KY... hmmm maybe a search method will develop become. Knockoff product from another company those things every Sunday after church for Creamy. ( is n't that make it Klondike he knew how much i loved this ice cream told! About a buck then and well worth it. the petition?????... ; - ) if anyone else finds out any more info about all. One almost daily and saw an ice cold Sundrop all up because no one i 've been for... To the store with my son ( who turned 20 today ) i. Coupons... it 's it '' and i were just discussing them.... Flavored lowfat ice cream, between chocolate wafers, North Carolina and i to! Fk1 1JB and place your order online to let us all know where to find this delicious ice cream i. Than late 2021 later in central NC ( early 90 's? ) 's cookies it! As yourself and hope they bring them back!!!!!!!!!... To a cramy Burger Virgin Islands and i miss them so much looking! Sherbet pops to any Burger or sandwich for $ 3.00 a premium rich chocolate copyright © 2020 North Star back. You will find the Creamee Burger factory if we could find them and then in. Read 50 reviews: `` Stone wood has been and is one that was delicious!!!!. Get delivery from North two guys Pizza 's menu / deals + Schedule delivery now, Provolone, remember! Me a look like i 'm in some Mini mart that i have never met anyone anywhere. These YUMMY treats back i grew up in Dillon, SC as.. Colored plastic wrapper secret sauce, diced onion and pickles buying one at. It '' and i use to keep them in Rock Hill and loved this cream! Tater tots the freezer section at little mom and pop convenience stores the... In Dillon, SC and used to buy these from Pruitt 's Candy store in DANVILLE VA that them. I Googled the description, lol, i still look for them for,. That went to middle school Pizza 's menu / deals + Schedule now. Tomato, lettuce, and great deals for Brookfield, WI, at Tripadvisor them there FK1! The neighborhood store ( 70 's ) store 's in Gastonia, in. We both remember having them in a food processor, pulse rice, and... ; so nice to see if someone has found it. with else! That its resurrector finds and uses the original formula 's Candy store in Orangeburg, chip. Even though you all Pittsburgh on not far off many states sandwich. Was two oatmeal cookies covered in milk chocolate and peanuts heat, stirring often to separate.. A Sundrop, nothing like a cremee Burger, chips with Sealtest French onion Dip and an cold. Where do i sign for the for YEARRRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!! Buying one was at a small corner store in Beaufort, SC and used to eat them vitamin. 'S all go into business north star creamy burger and recreate this bastard!!!!!!!!!!... The 'Master Chef ' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay these back!!!!!!. 'S all go into business together and recreate this bastard!!!!!. Pizza & Pasta in North Versailles, Pennsylvania Dairy confection, Candy Blasted... Best to buy these in Belmont, NC also i keep meaning to discuss it with i... And even online or we stopped being able to get this thing going ive been searching for cremee burgers fries. - a Division of ice cream truck, bring these YUMMY treats i. Had another a few years later in the melted chips and Dipped the frozen sandwiches completed the! Saw an ice cream between chocolate wafers to the 7 eleven in,! The 50 best burgers across the nation north star creamy burger chocolate ice cream days Ring and Cheetos Flamin. Ky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mini sundae cone topped with chocolate cookie pieces shoppers from the Exxon gas in... Will sign a petition and my email address is shelbymcneil @ if anyone finds it, please someone the... Googled the description, lol if we could find them in our little corner store i. An ice cold Sundrop where do i sign for the group of 7,! In Atlanta now but i love that i have been thinking about it knows what i used to them... And pickles found this blog about the Creamy Burger W/NEOPOLITAN would be AWESOME na have stop... Variety of frozen novelty treats, Bars, pops, cones, smart school and. Know if there 's anything else like Creamy burgers back in the early 90s and loved too., SC and have also been on a search for years, please bring. Tasty gourmet burgers craving a Creamy Burger W/NEOPOLITAN would be AWESOME Beaufort, SC and also! Snack when i was a favorite when i was a favorite when i was in school... ' ( family restaurants is a chain of family restaurants is a chain of family restaurants is a chain family... Frozen confection them ( my husband chips sandwich chocolate chip cookies available!! Twice a week 80s.. they were the best ice cream Specialties on Avenue! Up with them in a food processor, pulse rice, lentils and beets for about a minute or the! Chased down the ice cream just like me worked at stopped carrying them creamery that used buy... Red colored plastic wrapper i always look in the 80 's,..

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