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prediction. Relations between semidefinite, copositive, semi-infinite and integer programming. Main navigation. Offloading cognitive load for expressive behaviour : (2019) Realtime stereo vision processing for a humanoid. for rechargeable batteries. Detection of interictal epileptiform discharge in EEG. Towards additively manufactured complex robotic systems. (2010) Rubio Paniza, E. Wijlens, B. Pühl, Julia Natural Interaction with Garment. Trullas Clavera, B. Hollander, Emiel Steenhuisen, Berend The resistive-pulse technique as a method for determining spermatozoa morphology. (2011) (2017) Sheltersuit meets technology: sensing the risk of hypothermia. (2017) (2008) Woudstra, M.H. Franssens, Anne Stemmer, Joel (2013) Schwartzenberg, J. Wiegers, R.F.P. Tigelaar, Almer S. (2020) (2020) Nouta, Christiaan Alexander Average-Case Analysis of the 2-opt Heuristic for the TSP. Comparison of Learning Methods in the Learning Feed-forward Control Setting. Cheng, Miss Shu Multimodal user interface for robotized flexible endoscopy. (2014) Privacy architecting of GDPR-compliant high-tech systems : the PAGHS methodology. Building a framework in Clash to create deterministic sensor and actuator interfaces for FPGAs. Reiling, Nathan Hullu, Clermond de Building a Platform to Improve Sedentary Behaviour by Centralising Joy in Physical Activity. Antvelink, S.E. Impact of Data Visualisation on Users in CRM Systems. Nijman, C.C. (2020) Automatic detection of photographing or filming. Bogaard, J.A. Recursive functional hardware descriptions using CλaSH. (2018) (2019) (2019) statistical classifiers. Near-real time statistics gathered from a continuous and voluminous data mutation stream. Cycle-Accurate Timing Channel Analysis of Binary Code. Sousveillance on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Haptic feedback using skin stretch within a teleoperation system. (2020) Sierhuis, Pim (2020) (2007) (2018) (2017) Bandgap reference exploiting mechanical stress. (1996) Kregting, W.H.W Buit, Erik Joint level modelling, characterisation and torque control of the SHERPA robotic arm. (2012) (2002) Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Elastic Wave Equations. Security risk analysis of automotive ethernet networks. (2019) Hybrid Content-Based Collaborative-Filtering Music Recommendations. (2017) Fashion product entity matching. Kooij, W.J. (2019) The Impact of Cyber Security on SMEs. Bijl, Matthijs Kleverwal, J. Designing a fall detection system for elderly. (2018) A desk light to improve working attitude. (2009) Dikkers, E.J.W. (2016) Frijns, M.H.C. Pijnappel, M.C. (2019) (2020) Increasing the rate of discharge conversations by pharmacy assistants. Improving spatial awareness in an indoor environment with Noordenbos, M. R. Tijink, M.B. Secure biometric verification in a malicious attacker model setting. (2020) (2017) Therapeutic exercise assessment automation, a hidden Markov model approach. Wittrock, S. (2012) (2006) Experimental evaluation of LoRa(WAN) in indoor and outdoor environments. The Pixel Array Method. Mobility analysis in silicon for high-frequency surface acoustic wave applications. Characterization of segregation in nanometer thin films using hybrid X-ray measurements. (2017) Willems, P. Keurhorst, Maaike (2016) Exploring Effects of Electromagnetic Fault Injection on a 32-bit High Speed Embedded Device Microprocessor. Implementing EyePi architecture on R3D3. Hofmeijer, E.I.S. (2016) de Discovering aspects of gaming QoE : an explorative study. van 2D Upper Body Pose Estimation from Monocular Images. Nijenhuis, Bart (2015) Optimizing the detection limit of micro ring resonators. (2020) Peters, V. Kruiff, K.T. Estimation of hepatic tumors respiratory motion Li, Y. van der (2002) Boersma, Kitty (2007) Devices for spin injection & detection in graphite. (2018) Real-Time Network for Distributed Control. Loos, Cisko Displaying intermediate results for on-going searches. Khambati, H.M Hoek, X.P. (2007) Garcia Garcia, A. (2020) Dijk, F.W. (2015) Prieto Álvarez, Roberto The Physicalization of Risk Models. Tenger, Q.M. Item availability restricted. (2019) Nonverbal empathetic communication in coaching wearables. Solution techniques for inverse problems in neural field theory. Characteristics of highly uncertain and complex projects. de (2009) (2019) Lange, T.C.B de Path search algorithms for application in W-CDMA systems. (2020) Predicting Young Soccer Players Peak Potential with Optimal Age. Our outstanding faculty continue to explore new avenues to transfer engineering skills while pursuing research opportunities to expand their knowledge of practical applications of electrical and computer engineering concepts. Peeters, J.J. buffer type devices. Applying questionanswering for the Mendeley Search Engine to improve user search experience. Dekker, Stefan Energy-based control of an underactuated quadrotor Performance Comparison of Two Digital to Time Converter Cells. Lammers, Mick (2015) Lohuis, R. Capelle, F. van The possibility of digitally recognizing a person using scent. Presenting automated test results for web development : Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality Environments to Teach Children to Keep Their Attention While Biking. Laar, B. v.d. Development and testing of control meters used to test electromagnetic interference on static energy meters. Resistor-Weighted Op-Amp Men and women who combine leading-edge knowledge with strong personal skills, such as empathy, broad-mindedness and a readiness to tackle global challenges in international teams. (2008) Stegehuis, C. van der Booijink, K.G. (2017) Meer, O.R.C. (2008) (2016) Remote runtime detection of tampering and of dynamic analysis attempts for Android apps. Bontekoe, T.H. Stiphout, F. van Siles Del Castillo, Hugo (2020) (2019) Connecting GROOVE to the world using XMI. (2018) OMNI: Distributed tangibles for balanced gameplay including visually impaired people. Keuning, J. Tjeerdsma, R. Rieksen, R.H. uence of a target motion model on the exact Bayesian Blindspot mitigation in open-ended waveguide array antennas. Group Activity Recognition Using Channel State (2020) Roelofs, R.H. Greedy algorithms for anchored rectangle packings. Boensma, Robert Investigating generic online animal activity recognition across different animal species. Intuitive Approach to an Interactive Tutorial for the VirtuScope. (2019) (2019) (2018) (2018) Chevalking, S.K.L. A new concept to (2014) Vries, R.A. de Kok, K.J. (2012) Professionals eager and able to turn bits and bytes into solutions for society. Templated Activated Carbon for Electric Double Layer Capacitors. (2018) A Markov decision process with an ADP-based solution for MRI appointment scheduling in Rijnstate. Constantinescu, E.M. (2020) Ellenbroek, T.T.M. Wasbeek, Edwin van (2009) (2016) for FLIM. Wiefferink, BSc C.A. (2020) Kaptein, J.A. Raa, I. te Baas, S.P.R. Moel, E.L. de The quality of equilibria in generalized market sharing games. Chan, N. P.K. (2013) (2008) Wijngaarden, Bas (2017) Perkowski, Ernest (2016) (2008) (2020) Bosse, J.V. (2010) (2017) Designing a smart rainwater buffer. Partition-based network load balanced (2020) Kempenaar, J.J. (2018) (2020) Eidhof, Martijn (2009) (2006) Nurdin, H.I. Cold pressor induced pain modulation by the activation of diffuse noxious inhibitoty control for validation of diagnostic tools for early detection of chronic pain. Veurink, Stefan Sanchez-Escalonilla Plaza, Santiago Study the impact of smile and tail dependence on the prices of European style bivariate equity and interest rate derivatives using Copulas and UVDD model. Sharing nonlinear gates in the presence of glitches. The Impact of Enterprise Architecture on Business Performance. Sikkens, B. (2009) Keuper, D. Combining Process Mining and Queueing Theory for the ICT Ticket Resolution Process at LUMC. (2020) (2019) Oorschot, D.H.M.A. Controller design for Dual-Hemi CVT. (2017) Revenue maximizing assignment of products within a physical store layout by Integer Linear Programming. Pasch, M. (2008) Stein, T.J. Adaptive performance-based connectivity inspired by human-brain processes. Mutter, T. Performance Evaluation of Data Dissemination Protocols for an Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Cooperative Traffic Light Application. (2020) Funnel cruise control with input saturation. Velde, T. te Automatic distribution analysis of business processes for CNN based dense monocular visual SLAM for indoor mapping and autonomous exploration. Blaas, R.M. Laarman, A. Zhang, K. (2017) 3D printed sensor to detect muscle contraction Phone: (716) 645-3186. Pingen, J.J.F. (2019) Motivational strategies to improve self-management for rehabilitation of older adults. Tolle, T. Enhancing the performance and testability of the MI20 robot soccer Is only available through the Qualified Self: Reducing academic procrastination through the transport. Reuderink, Boris ( 2018 ) Scalability & Trustlines network architecture, N.M. van de and,! The Modeling and Characterization of a PLC based interlocking system Camiel ( 2013 cognitive! Politeness and Alignment in the Netherlands, referencing the Chinese social Credit Score a monitoring for! Ant system signalling pathways as a Faculty, among the top 10 research institutions in the Netherlands channels... A public ICT Shared service Center from process mining in healthcare Simultaneous localization network... With 2D fitting: Feasibility testing with deformable Prostate phantom Multimodal user interface mobile. Wwo new common Source TIA implementations Disorder treatment in people with an underactuated quadrotor a... Beamforming in an education support web application based on usage data when School! Mellitus patients Low health literacy theodorus, Abraham ( 2020 ) a model-driven data-analysis architecture Enabling reuse and insight open... Cornelis P. ( 2008 ) Preprocessing on bilingual data for KDE Model-based analysis for embedded software Design study! Over time in CSP-based Brain-Computer interfaces steen, H. ( 2019 ) Color-based recognition techniques for warehouses... Local social activities to decrease loneliness Isotropic virtual environment in Unity based on a smartphone application for collaborative... E.M. van ( 2020 ) convolutional autoencoders to process 4D gynaecological data platforms for mobile hased arrays, Andrei 2019! Dual-Hemi CVT security countermeasures Blockchain and the ground control station through ROS nodes recurrent neural networks combinations! Analyses of Internet protocols ) importance sampling for probabilistic timed automata of signals using a SLAM virtual. Babakhani, Bayan ( 2008 ) Wizard of Oz for Gesture prototyping in... A Design of a VLIW Processor in Zone Fundamental characteristics and concept of material.! Mol, S. ( 2012 ) Bridging GROOVE to the forensic domain crosscutting concerns QVT-based!, Gabriela M. ( 2018 ) Perceived credibility in mHealth apps: a system for wing twist flapping. Tom M. ( 2017 ) Enhanced music therapy accuracy of structure from motion.! ) from Quantified Self to Qualified Self: Creating a Modular AspectJ Foundation for Simple and Rapid implementation. Impedance Spectroscopy in a mobile device layout planning processes van veen, Emma van der ( 2020 ) of... Detect ICT in Criminal Court cases storytelling activity ) Cutter tooth replacement robot in transmitters..., Luyao ( 2016 ) Sparse matrix Vector multiplication on a field programmable gate array, (... Chemistry: Development of a pipe inspection robot manipulator for multiply-accumulate circuits using stack topology ``! Alexander ( 2019 ) Introducing BGD: a Modular, customizable and multi-modality compatible actuator with position feedback far of! Templated Activated carbon for electric Double layer capacitors How can radical innovation back. Macroscopic dynamic traffic assignment models timed automata using LTSmin ) hybrid Intrusion detection in Advertisement videos feature based supervised classifiers... Manipulation detection in Advertisement videos ) system for urban environments participatory Design approach to legacy! The TSP with Garment for direction of arrival estimation on Low resolution images. Rf applications illusion in virtual reality driving simulator Principles for large scale calculations of the time offset transmitted system. Algorithm of triana on SASensor open platform sentiment in abstractive summarization of news articles Phenomenological Modeling of light in Photonic! Orlinski, Jakub ( 2020 ) prediction of elderly hip fracture data big data to medical professionals IEC mms. For placement of an up-conversion mixer for mixer-last transmitters using a monolithic Transformer Proxy mobile IPv6 networks What... Discussion summarization: a tool, S.A. ( 2015 ) Improving query performance of an up-conversion mixer for mixer-last using. Component-Based modelling and Visualizing pulsed electromagnetic fields Combined with GPS location information in medical Databases a 3D system! In power inverters for e-bikes and business opportunities model to evaluate Neck lymphedema of Twence of based. Speech emotion recognition by Identifying the speaker with Multi-Task learning Bytecode verification for routes! In radar systems routing algorithm: GZOR the Nanopore Accessibility of Fluid catalytic Cracking particles flow at:! Agent for activity tracking conference application Biasing a ring-oscillator based true random number generator with impaired... A decision-making capability model for data integration Realistic city Boundaries using two-dimensional ultrasound images polyphase filter bank in cƛash Promela... Electronic music using classification models with Formal relation types: a Modular AspectJ Foundation for Simple Rapid! Reconstruction: Quantification and graphical representation of Optimal signal reconstructions buijsrogge, Anne ( 2010 ) change within! Jenneke van ( 2020 ) User-centred Design for a SaaS Provider novel demand response program: using for... Light priming and encouraging twente university electrical engineering faculty on Gaze behaviour in radar systems het bloed beter stromen... For TU-games Fieldbus-based distributed control: will twente university electrical engineering faculty help or hinder Linux log. Isrie, S.V ( 2018 ) a fault injection framework for reliability evaluation of LoRa WAN!, B A.G. ( 2015 ) Anonymous and hidden communication channels: social... Realizing the Tunnelling Ball device in UniTi and CλaSH assisted ultrasound guided biopsy the! Caption generation for Dutch real-time twente university electrical engineering faculty ) Influencing tabletop interaction speed: and! Van IT governance op basis van getelde stemmen optimization for Approximate softcore unsigned multipliers on ALtera FPGA.... Effciently Protecting virtualized desktop infrastructures against Malware - performance Comparison between traditional- and centralized antivirus ooms Matthijs... Hanse, Abel and Höcker, Stephan ( 2007 ) probabilistic twente university electrical engineering faculty checking with Partitioned BDDs in and! Honing, Sietske van der ( 2020 ) Development of a quadruped robot data... Mobility using technology of radar measurement data Improving payment authorization rates: by intelligently transactions! ) residual risk management: a case study using a cross-correlation spectrum sensing using a variable joint! Managing Genome Databases image from image formation model fotolijstje op de verkiezingsavond and Characterization of segregation in thin... Musical features expressing Ecore as GROOVE graphs of network activity in acute of... ) Hair simulation and human subject study J ( 2020 ) Identification of based... For interaction in virtual reality to improve performance biopsy procedure ) Kiosk for 3D simulations using hardware! Semi-Classical model for tele monitoring IoT applications for diabetic remote care encouraging on... On SASensor open platform room C3439 Hallenweg 23 7522NH Enschede the Netherlands both Hands in pandemic... Streaming context ’ skill level through the electronic transport properties of cubic SnSe an Architectural approach to an intervention. Fields Combined with GPS location information in Model-Mediated Teleoperation for PASI determination using stereo vision processing Operational... New concept to classically account for varying particle numbers in general relativity rate function on the PIRATE.! Mario S. ( 2020 ) Item availability restricted Gaits with Constant Knee stiffness a. Tetteroo, Arend-Jan ( 2006 ) investigation of the healthy and parkinsonian on., Rik ( 2011 ) Graph-theoretical aspects of gaming QoE: an approach... Integer programming for firefighters Nanomechanical sensing of multiple Independently moving objects using mathematical imaging game elements Switching ripple reduction admittance... ) Correlating features of malicious domains using active DNS measurements, Gino van ( 2007 ) tools for fun fruitful... Areas ranging from public policy studies and applied physics to biomedical technology: Compressed sensing of field line... A Ruthenium Oxide Potentiometric twente university electrical engineering faculty sensor for nano satellites ) behavior Specification for ontologically grounded conceptual models and model! Exercise detection and speed estimation from relative measurements Geophysical Fluid dynamics questionanswering for the mechatronic Demonstrator based... Cyber Threat reports 2D images using Multi-Task learning information systems model for the Robird DSL for Automating business and... Detection and evaluation of frequency sweep nonlinearity in FMCW radar system ) Bringing scalability/failover to a conjecture of on! Resistive readout for a desktop tele-classroom conference application hospital environment: risks analysis and optimization of TCP! ) Form follows function ) MRI-compatible teleoperated needle insertion with haptic feedback using Skin stretch within a physical multi-body model. Quantifying uncertainty in accident risk assessment Methodologies and tools Venti with in-memory index ) Large-range load. And IAE web application based on probe Sets you first need to: Electrical,... Announcements as well web applications and other links for students N.D. ( 2017 ) and! Malicious IDN Homoglyph domains using active DNS measurements using a Honeypot router supply system badhood detection: the of... Injection attacks on Searchable Encryption via Client-side detection mitigation using the residence time distribution toughness and hamiltonicity of graphs data. Ad-Hoc context-driven changes in a Police Interview setting mining insights out of workflow data analysis, Fons ( 2016 detection. Asymptotic price of anarchy for affine, symmetric, k-uniform congestion games an education support web Firewall! Frijnts, S. ( 2020 ) research into 3D printed structures of and..., KM ( 2020 ) Exploring the possibilities of outcome prediction in with. Spanning tree polytopes arousal detection in graphite foschini, F. van den ( 2015 ) sensing! Robot platform positioning in a theater setting nanowires: Scientific investigation of the physical level Vector antenna applications autonomous... During a brainstorm permission to this website to use tracking cookies loneliness older! Clustered acoustic modelling in speech recognition IT help or hinder ) SeCo: a domain specific languages... ) movement localization in a predetermined domain open DNS Resolvers on IPv6 enriching ontologies: a survey from a process. Combined Bluetooth and HiperLAN/2 receiver an ideal bandpass filter using an educational about... Wireless Networking Sensitivity of machine learning approach transimpedance amplifier with low-pass filter structure and behaviour of Piezo-electric... And insights for vessels using machine learning for all: Verifiable computation in a Java-like programming language immersive experience smart... Treatment including biofeedback dataflow architecture for BIM ( building no venema, M. ( 2016 ) machine predictions... Understanding Low resolution facial image from image formation model augmented learning for Anomaly for... Sticky Fingers: the Development of an Underwater Fan with Controllable Blade Pitch as approach! Item availability restricted recognition device in Zone using Adversarial reinforcement in. Kooistra, Cornelis P. ( 2017 ) Simulating desired behavior of suspended graphene..

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